Maitreya Montessori

Maitreya Montessori House of Children, has been started by Miss. Mende Lama in 2016. She is a trained and qualified Montessori Directress from Association Montessori Internationale, (AMI) the organization set up by Dr. Maria Montessori herself.




To create a school that adopts the Montessori method in the purest form to a standard that would qualify as excellent and therefore provide a real Montessori experience to the children in our community.




The environment is designed according to international standards and every material used is AMI approved therefore ensuring that we fully adhere to 100% of the Montessori philosophy.

To cultivate in each child a love of learning by giving them an opportunity to enquire, discuss and argue. Also, to prepare the child for life, by giving them the confidence to tackle any challenge that they are faced with.