Parent Testimonial

The Best for Our Kids..

We took our daughter who was 2.4 years when she went to Mairtreya Montessori to see if she would like it. But instead she Loved it… There never has been a day where she fusses about school.
I guess it says alot about the Management. How they take of the Children…. At the end of the day… It is all about the children, isn’t it? Our Zoya, loves school especially her teachers…. Ms. Mende, Ms. Morbu( she pronounces Norbu that way.), Ms. Kelsang and Aunty…
My daughter is an independent, talkative, friendly and helpful child….. I wish I could take all the credit for that but I know she learns and reinforces this in school.
Along with so much more..

Ava Rai

Montessori that teaches how to learn

Our son Aryav loves going to Maitreya Montessori House Of Children, Darjeeling. The best part about the school is that the children are really taken good care of. Both the teaching and the non teaching staffs are very well trained, friendly and affectionate. They go out of their way to see that the child’s progress is constant, monitoring their growth every single day. We get regular feedback and advice from the school, which is really helpful for the parents.
Aryav loves the yoga classes that they conduct, and not to forget the lovely play area and the child friendly professional classroom he gets to experience everyday.
I would recommend every parent Maitreya Montessori House Of Children for all round development and growth of their child.

Srizana Subba

Valuing the individual child!

Our son first started at this School when he was 3+. From the moment we stepped on to the School grounds we loved the feel of the environment; the playground, the classroom and the friendly Staff. Elijah enjoyed his time at Maitreya, made good friends, loved Miss Mende and learned so many things about himself and the world we live in. We especially liked the practical and hands-on aspects of the School and how each child is valued and able to learn at their own pace. This was a totally different concept of Schooling then what my husband or I had experienced when we were younger but we were so happy to give this experience to our son. He has now moved on to a traditional School due to his age however our next son has joined Maitreya and is liking it too. I hope in the future as the School grows they will be able to offer even higher age group as I see what a wonderful way of learning Montessori truly is!

Melinda Chettri

Made the right choice for Riddhiman!

Our son Riddhiman started his first learning experience in Maitreya Montessori…he enjoyed and loved the environment from the very first day…he was excited to go to school every morning n never did he complain about not wanting to go to school…he learnt so many new things ..he loves his miss Mende n misses her a lot …n says miss Mende is my favourite teacher…he misses miss norbu’ s guitar classes…i was rest assured when he was there ..i was confident that my child is being taught n taken care of better than I would do it myself. The teachers n staff were most loving n affectionate to my child’s needs n I felt I had made the right choice..Every time I left after leaving my son there I was happy n secure that he would learn with fun and care..Maitreya Montessori we are thankful to u that I have made learning so enriching and for a change children love going to school and look forward to learn..each child’s needs n individuality is respected..Maitreya Montessori good job n I could go on n on.. thank you for making my child’s first learning experience comfortable n happy.


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